Thursday, November 15, 2012

Desert Planet on "All time 10s"

Desert Planet music on the soundtrack of latest "All Time 10s" video on YouTube:

Episode name: "10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games"
Music: "Red Dwarf (2005 Remix)" by Desert Planet,
from "Mario built my hot rod" album.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Desert Planet goes Red Nose Day!

DP music was used for a game related insert on a national TV charity-comedy-show:
Timecode 17:05-20:00. 

Recognize the 3 Desert Planet songs? ;)

Desert Planet musiikki mukana Nenäpäivä-show:ssa Ylellä! 
Peli-sketsin taustalla soitettiin kolmea eri DP kappaletta:
Videon aikajanalla kohta 17:05-20:00. 

Recomendación musical

Video game related site Punto-D-Control (from Mexico) released a nice post about Desert Planet. :)